Microscopes & Optics

What will you learn?

If your looking to figure out all the details about a microscope for electronics repair purposes, then this is exactly the set of videos that will get you on track. From which parts to buy, to how it all goes together and is calibrated. Ill have you good to go in no time with this short video series. 

What will happen on this pathway?

  • You will learn about the different parts of a microscope.
  • Putting it all together on your own wont seem like a problem anymore.
  • You will understand which microscope base to buy to fit your desk

Who do I think this path is for?

Everyone who wants to buy and setup a microscope, this is for you. You wont have any more questions after watching these videos, and the best part is that this series is short, and to the point!

Practical Info


All the info you need to setup and buy a microscope with a proper camera!

No VAT for Businesses

If you have the proper identification information, then your course can be VAT free! The perks of business baby, lets save that money!

4 Months of Course Access

No rush, you have 120 days to complete this course. Thats 2-3 short lessons a day or 1-2 weeks of dedicated study!