Live Online Training to Verify eLearning

For some, eLearning on their own isnt enough, get live verification and lock it in!

There's more than one way to learn, and for many, watching videos and following along does the trick. In fact, in our industry, a lot of us have picked up everything we know from YouTube and figuring stuff out solo. But for some folks, having that one-on-one mentorship makes a huge difference. It's about getting that instant feedback that you can only really get in a live video call. This kind of interaction is super helpful for ironing out any confusion or misunderstandings that can happen when you're just getting information from videos. Learning repair skills online? Totally doable, and it's even better when you've got someone there to guide you and make sure you're on the right track.

I think ill learn faster if I have someone to verify my learning and to ask questions to as I go along with eLearning.

Find a time that fits you best and lock in your your online live repair training consult today. Ill talk to you about options and get you setup with a proper timetable to make sure your good to go! If you still have questions before making a consult appointment, its no problem. Just contact me via Email at or on Whatsapp @ +16156912328

Maybe you have some questions I’ve encountered or thought of already!


Should everyone do Online Live Reinforcement Training?

The answer to whether you should take the tests is both yes and no. I’d say everyone should give it a go to make sure they’ve got the knowledge down. But honestly, I’ve put a lot of effort into making the content not just easy to understand, but also comprehensive with the tests, considering there are about 2000 questions. If you’re struggling with these tests, you can always circle back, rewatch the content, and retake them. On the other hand, sometimes things just don’t click the way you want, and you might still have questions that aren’t quite answered in a way that works for you with just eLearning. I also believe that for some, having that extra bit of positive reinforcement from someone overseeing your training can be a huge plus, especially for those who don’t want to miss out on anything.

Is it required to complete the eLearning before Live training can begin?

Yes and no. The eLearning component is designed to load up the bulk of the knowledge into your brain, complete with tests to ensure you’ve got a handle on the material. The online live training, on the other hand, is where you really get to solidify and validate your skill set. It’s a space for working alongside others, fine-tuning your abilities, and mastering them. This combination of self-paced learning and interactive sessions ensures a well-rounded educational experience.

Can I access recordings of the live training sessions if I miss one or want to review the material?

Currently, the live training sessions are not available for playback. I believe it’s more valuable for you to actively participate in the live group meetings rather than revisiting the content. The essence of live training lies in real-time interaction with other students, while the eLearning content serves as the fundamental backbone of the course. This approach ensures that the live sessions remain dynamic and interactive, enhancing the learning experience.

Is there a way to interact with other participants during or after the live training sessions?

Absolutely, I strongly encourage all students to network and support each other, both during and outside of class hours. A vital lesson I’ve learned, and one I aim to pass on, is a gem from my old machine shop teacher: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This wisdom has stood the test of time. Building friendships and connections is key to a successful future. It’s these relationships, more than just being a lone repair shop, that can truly propel you forward in your career.

What technical requirements do I need to meet for participating in the online live training sessions?

Students need to have at least two webcams and a quality headset or microphone, along with all the necessary tools for completing repairs. At the very least, this includes a simufocal microscope with an appropriate camera setup and a PC that can handle streaming all the cameras and audio. Don’t worry about the setup of all this equipment, as I’ll cover that in the live training. Once you’ve got the gear, I’ll make sure you become a pro at using it. This way, you can even create content afterwards to help grow your business.