Level 1 + 2 Pathway

Foundational Repair Journey (L1 + L2)

What will you learn?

Learn a general mix of the fundamentals of basic macro component repair such as cameras, frames, batteries, charging ports. Really anything you can change by hand without special tools and skills as well as level 1 software basics.

What will happen on this pathway?

  • Electrical Theory will start to infiltrate your brain.
  • You will absorb the 6 stages of repair. 
  • You will gain a new appreciation for material science.
  • Scary situations will seem much less scary.
  • Your confidence will grow as with your new understanding & abilities.

Who do I think this path is for?

My personal advice would be that you should take this path of learning if you feel you will only be presented with basic problems such as screens, battery, charge port and general macro component exchange but still want a solid foundation to at least be able to understand deeper electrical situations when speaking to whoever does your micro soldering work.

Practical Info

Price: €350 Excl Tax/VAT

Really learn the ins & outs of the 6 stages of repair and how it all plays together in the grand scheme of repair.

No VAT for Businesses

If you have the proper identification information, then your course can be VAT free! The perks of business baby, lets save that money!

4 Months of Course Access

No rush, you have 120 days to complete this course. Thats 2-3 short lessons a day or 1-2 weeks of dedicated study!