Online Training FAQ

Should everyone do Online Live Reinforcement Training?

The answer to whether you should take the tests is both yes and no. I’d say everyone should give it a go to make sure they’ve got the knowledge down. But honestly, I’ve put a lot of effort into making the content not just easy to understand, but also comprehensive with the tests, considering there are about 2000 questions. If you’re struggling with these tests, you can always circle back, rewatch the content, and retake them. On the other hand, sometimes things just don’t click the way you want, and you might still have questions that aren’t quite answered in a way that works for you with just eLearning. I also believe that for some, having that extra bit of positive reinforcement from someone overseeing your training can be a huge plus, especially for those who don’t want to miss out on anything.

Is it required to complete the eLearning before Live training can begin?

Yes and no. The eLearning component is designed to load up the bulk of the knowledge into your brain, complete with tests to ensure you’ve got a handle on the material. The online live training, on the other hand, is where you really get to solidify and validate your skill set. It’s a space for working alongside others, fine-tuning your abilities, and mastering them. This combination of self-paced learning and interactive sessions ensures a well-rounded educational experience.

Can I access recordings of the live training sessions if I miss one or want to review the material?

Currently, the live training sessions are not available for playback. I believe it’s more valuable for you to actively participate in the live group meetings rather than revisiting the content. The essence of live training lies in real-time interaction with other students, while the eLearning content serves as the fundamental backbone of the course. This approach ensures that the live sessions remain dynamic and interactive, enhancing the learning experience.

Is there a way to interact with other participants during or after the live training sessions?

Absolutely, I strongly encourage all students to network and support each other, both during and outside of class hours. A vital lesson I’ve learned, and one I aim to pass on, is a gem from my old machine shop teacher: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This wisdom has stood the test of time. Building friendships and connections is key to a successful future. It’s these relationships, more than just being a lone repair shop, that can truly propel you forward in your career.

What technical requirements do I need to meet for participating in the online live training sessions?

Students need to have at least two webcams and a quality headset or microphone, along with all the necessary tools for completing repairs. At the very least, this includes a simufocal microscope with an appropriate camera setup and a PC that can handle streaming all the cameras and audio. Don’t worry about the setup of all this equipment, as I’ll cover that in the live training. Once you’ve got the gear, I’ll make sure you become a pro at using it. This way, you can even create content afterwards to help grow your business.

What all will be covered in the live training?

Live training is a verification of your elearning, where you work in a open classroom setting to lock in the skills and knowledge you spent all that time learning in the platform. It also includes an entirerly new section of learning only available in the live training which is based on creating your own social media content and channel. I have spent many years helping some a ton of other repair channels get off the ground and with many years of professional experience prior to repair in both photo/video and public speaking you will be ready to jump out there and conquer your new brand and bring in new clients from all over your country. Live training also includes higher  level homework to better your understanding of the concepts and theories which make up repair. You can think of it as enrolling in a college level homework plan with a teacher who’s highly invested in your success. 

In Person Training FAQ

1. Should I complete the online course before coming to the in-person course?
Yes, If you want the best experience, you need to complete the online portion prior to class. As We could take an entire class to just go over the theory otherwise. Which takes away from hands-on time.
I will review major concepts during the course though.
Class is meant as a shakedown to make sure you know the information and can lock in your hand skills. But as always, it’s also a place to discuss the topics that were giving your trouble during your online learning.
Should I already have some experience before I come in?
None is required, just come open to learn and ill do my best to help you.
Should I / Can I bring my own tools?
It’s not required as everything you need for class is provided.
But, feel free to bring things you have had trouble with that pertain to the class you decided to participate in.
Are we Certified in the end? Is there a test or do we just get certified either way?
There is a test, you must pass it if you wish to be AOR certified officially.
If you pass your test you will receive a Certificate of Graduation that you can hang up and remember the good times with your fellow students.
If you do not pass the test, you will still get a Certificate of Completion that says you came and attended the class, but you will need to come to retake the class or retest to make sure you know the material. The good news is, this is free and we highly encourage you to come back and earn your certification. 

China Sourcing FAQ

What are the benefits from having you facilitate my ordering needs?

I provide comprehensive support from start to finish. What does this entail? Utilizing my extensive knowledge and network, gained from years as a seasoned repair technician and factory-level engineer in the electronics repair industry, I ensure that you not only acquire the appropriate products—especially if you’re uncertain about what to choose.

Moreover, my numerous connections in China, established through over a decade of personal ordering, living within the local markets, and helping some of the largest wholesellers in the world has afforded me unique insights. These insights enable me to handle intricate shipping details and ensure that once your items arrive, I am available to assist with their setup, should you require additional help.

As a final point, for certain types of products, I have developed eLearning resources to guide you through setup and usage. These resources are available alongside your tools, should they be necessary.

Is it more expensive than buying local?

I am committed to ensuring that the prices I source from the market are not only competitive but also offer exceptional value, even when compared to local markets. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that my service extends far beyond just competitive pricing.

My approach includes comprehensive pre- and post-purchase support. This means I not only guide you in understanding and selecting the right products but also assist you in the entire process. This includes checking your order upon arrival and, if necessary, helping you with the initial setup of the tools through a personalized one-on-one video call.

When you choose to work with me, you’re receiving much more than a mere product delivery. I am dedicated to guiding you through every step, advocating on your behalf to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience. This is all part of my commitment to provide you with true peace of mind throughout your purchasing journey.

Will you help me set up my products?

Every order I fulfill includes personalized one-on-one video setup support. This ensures that any product with moving parts functions correctly right out of the box. I take great pleasure in conducting virtual unboxing sessions with clients, which allows us to verify together that all components are present and in working order upon arrival. This approach is part of my commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

What if I need SERIOUS QUANTITIES for resell purposes?

If you require wholesale quantities and seek expert oversight for your purchasing processes and quality control initiatives, my extensive on-the-ground experience in China positions me uniquely to facilitate any level of factory partnership. Through my network of trusted partners, I can seamlessly integrate with your business needs.

As I’ve mentioned previously on this website, my commitment to excellence in our industry has been demonstrated through hands-on involvement, including instances where I have quite literally been on the factory floor, contributing to the assembly of top-tier products. I am eager to bring this same level of dedication and expertise to your projects, regardless of the scale – from individual items to multi-million dollar monthly orders.

With my involvement, you gain not just a service, but peace of mind. My expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process, characterized by reliability and exceptional quality.

How are Customs, Import Fees & VAT Handled?

Depending on the destination country, during the onboarding process I will collect information from your for proper declarations to be submitted to your local customs offices through the shipping carrier, the Art of Repair does everything by the book to ensure prompt, proper delivery of items. Customs duties and import fees are always paid by the buyer and cannot be calculated or included in payments to the Art of Repair by the nature of the fact that they are not something that I can deal with for you.

Is there anyway I can lookup Customs, Import Fees & VAT Requirements for my country?

While there are some websites out there that offer updates on Customs, Import Fees & VAT requirements for different countries, the best bet is to go straight to the source. Check out the government websites in the local language for the most up-to-date info. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to give your country’s customs office a ring and ask them about your specific item type. This way, you can get a clearer picture of the fees and avoid any unexpected surprises with your order.

Below is a link I personally use when I’m dealing with a new client. It’s a handy guide, but remember, it’s not an official government source. So, it’s great for getting a rough idea, but don’t rely on it for exact fee calculations. It’s more about getting you in the right ballpark and giving you a general sense of what to expect.


Iv never paid import fees with ALIEXPRESS, why should I order with you when they dont seem to charge this?

Actually, it’s not quite that simple. Sure, a lot of small items ordered from places like AliExpress might get to you without an import charge, but that’s usually down to a couple of reasons. Sometimes, the value of the goods isn’t declared properly, or the item’s so small it just slips through the system unnoticed. Also, some countries have a minimum declared value before they start slapping on import fees, so there are times when you won’t need to worry about them.

Whether it’s from AliExpress or not, if there’s an import fee for your item, it’s on you to cover that cost.

I have included the aliexpress page that covers this policy for you as well.