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Foundational Repair Journey (L1 + L2)

Justin Ashford

Learn a general mix of the fundamentals of basic macro component repair such as cameras, frames, batteries, charging ports. Really anything you can change by hand without many special tools and skills as well as level 1 software basics. With these skills you will atleast get started on your journey

107x Topics & 103 Quizzes

Microsoldering Journey (L3)

Justin Ashford

Learn the skill that takes you to the top of the mountain in repair, microsoldering and diagnostics which requires use of specialized tools including but not limited to Soldering iron, Hot Air, Microscope, Schematics and your Brain! With these skills you will be ahead of the pack on your journey

237x Topics & 207 Quizzes

Full Journey through the Basics of Repair (L1 + L2 + L3)

Justin Ashford

Take it all in and learn everything you need to know to do any type of electronics repair that comes your way, from basic screen swaps to the skills needed to change the smallest micro components or even just a basic HDMI connector. This pathway takes you to the center of repair, the full journey.


What’s the difference in my training?

If you were to ask me the difference in my training vs others online, I think for me it’s more about well roundedness and thoughtfulness to the core of what repair is and making sure that all my thoughts and theories are coherent across as many parts of the industry as possible. Im trying to bring knowledge from many levels of the electronics repair industry together into something that just “makes sense” to everyday people who want to learn something new and exciting, and part of that, is by also having industry leading school values that just scream: “I love teaching repair”.

Industry leading open doors policy to in person training students to retake their desired course, in person, as many times as it takes to lock them into to their new skillset. You show up to class, ill teach you until you get it.

Are you curious to chat about it?

Why should you learn with me?

Do you want to learn from one of the most well-traveled and experienced techs on the planet? I have done more than just run a repair shop or two. I have traveled the planet doing everything from just spending time in local repair shops in different countries, to living directly in the heart of Shenzhen in the electronics market Huaqiangbei.

I’ve worked and slept in factories that make our industry turn as well as ran in-person training courses on multiple continents. I’m even known for coming up with some of the coolest tools and techniques that are used around the world. It's simple: if you want to learn from someone who’s been to the depths of repair and back, look no further.

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